Creation Pools specialise in the renovation and refurbishment of indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Over time buildings, pool finishes and equipment deteriorates. Just bought a new house with a pool? The chances are that it is looking rather tired and dated or you have your own ideas of how you would like to use it and modernise it.

We are able to advise on the best way to modernise your swimming pool whether it’s indoor or outdoor and can undertake all renovation and repair work, from a straightforward pool shell repair, resolving water loss or missing tiles to a complete refurbishment and redesign project. Our expertise and experience in this area has established this work as a major part of our business.

Like most things, time has moved on in the design and construction of swimming pools and with the materials and energy efficient equipment available with safety being a major aspect.

Modern swimming pool boilers can be up to 30% more fuel efficient than their predecessors, introduce renewable energy with Heat Pumps, Solar Heating and LED lighting can provide dramatic effects at night while saving energy.

Modernising your indoor pool is a major speciality in our business. Energy efficient environmental control systems are key to saving money and providing the necessary protection to your building. Stretch ceilings can provide a beautiful finish and a very important vapour barrier to protect your structure.

Safety around the pool whether it’s indoor or outdoor is a major factor in refurbishment to protect you and your family. Safety covers not only solve the problem but save money on fuel and chemicals while provide a very attractive finish to your pool. The correct type of cover will help with the protection of the fabric of your building and the equipment will last longer due to not having to work as hard.

We would be pleased to arrange a free visit to discuss various options to compliment your thoughts for your pool whether it’s indoor or outdoor and surrounding area.

To discuss your individual requirements with a member of the Creation Pools team, please telephone call us or use our online contact form.

See our gallery for a selection of indoor and outdoor refurbishment projects.